We Believe in Youth Power!!!

They are the Next Generation of World Leaders and Community Movers. 

Project Motiv8 is focusing on the underprivileged youth, regardless of their life background. Our mission is to provide these guys with community-based support, whether in education or life-motivation, in complementing their needs to face-on life challenges and eventually discover their self-strengths. Adding to the list, we are more than happy to guide them to make healthy and better life choices. Project Motiv8 is also a movement and platform connecting individual volunteers, Sponsors, Welfare Organization and Youth NGOs’ with the underprivileged across the Nation.

Jom Join Charity Together-gether

We would like to welcome you to join Motiv8 Movement in assisting Asnaf targeting the Underprivileged Youth in excelling in life through education and skill-knowledge training.

If you have premises and places that could be useful in holding training or motivational programs or even shelter for a short stay. We welcome you to contribute to society by lending your resources for Training & Education Purposes. We are indeed in needs of more training facilities and equipment for Motiv8 Teachings & Auxiliary Support. Sponsorers for logistics vehicles for the Motiv8 Initiative Transportation for instance the movement from Orphanage Houses to/fro the training venue or to industrial exposure.

Meal Sponsorer: 
We welcome you to sponsor meal packages for the targeted group of underprivileged youth and Asnaf during the humble cause of Motiv8 Initiatives.

Skills & Knowledge Share
If you have the skills and knowledge that could benefit others, we welcome you to contribute by becoming Motiv8 training instructors and motivational speakers. Our beloved Prophet once taught us that one of the never-ending deeds is your knowledge that has transpires to others and carry-on by teachings. Grab this opportunity to share your love and feelings with the underprivileged youth through the Motiv8 Motivation and Upskilling Initiatives Program.

Volunteer :
We welcome more individual and group volunteer to participate in Project Motiv8 movement as Crew in deploying and mobilizing Project Motiv8 initiatives, event and activities.

Donate some funds to give to the Asnaf in monetary form or even education equipment as such, Mushaf, academic books, stationery, school bag, school uniforms, or even devices such as a personal computer or any kind of devices that they could turn it into skills to produce and gain more money in sustaining their pockets.  May the Almighty blessed and granted you and your family Jannah for all the good deeds in sponsoring knowledge for the needy.

Our program takes place every third weekend of the month, and we run the CSR Training program at Arena Rozzaq Training Centre. We have Infaq, our training facilities for the Motiv8 operation platform and our skills-experiences for the underprivileged (ASNAF) skill-knowledge training and motivation program. We would welcome you guys to participate in Motiv8 honourable cause by supporting and cultivating a better life for the needy. Thanks & Jazakallah Khair..

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We welcome more Volunteers, Sponsors, Welfare Houses, and Charitable NGOs’ across the Nation to participate in the Motiv8 Movement.

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