We believes all youth are capable of excellence. Our Mission is to provide the community-based support they need to meet challenges head on, discover their strengths and make healthy choices. Working with NGOs, Welfare Houses, Foundation, Project Motiv8 is a movement to provide motivation and development program for the Underprivileged Youth irrespective of race, religion, culture, language and socio-economic circumstances by acting as a platform in connecting Volunteers and Sponsors with Welfare Houses, and Charitable NGOs’ across the State.

Jom Join Charity Together-gether

You can participate in the movement by contributing:

Your Skills: 
Donate your Skills by signing in as Project Motiv8 Associate Trainers and Motivators. Share them your love with Knowledge under the Motivation and Upskilling Program.

Your Food and Beverages: 
Meals as for their “FUEL” while Enjoying our Training Classes

Your Joy & Happiness:
Crew Members in mobilizing Project Motiv8 event and activities.

Your Resources:
Lend your Facilities, Venue, Equipment or Transportation for the good cause of Project Motiv8 event program and activities.

Your Ringgits:
We help you to organize a training and motivation program for the underprivileged youth and registered welfare houtse across the state. May the Almighty blessed and grant you and your family Jannah for all the good deeds in sponsoring knowledge for the needy.

Our program takes place on every third weekend of the month. Based at Arena Rozzaq Training Centre. We offer our facilities as the platform for this movement. If you have any kind of skills and would like to share with them. Do let us know and we put into our monthly program schedule.

We are welcoming all Volunteers, Sponsors, Welfare Houses and Charitable NGOs’ across the State to work with us for this noble effort.

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