All of our services are tailored and served by professional and our performance monitored thoroughly to ensure that our services come up to the client’s satisfaction, training after training, year after year, in the harshest training environment. To, the highest quality and reliability, we believe that every Arena Rozzaqs’ services should be served by us, and we refuse to compromise on training or the quality of the training facilities services that we vested in every event.

Computer Lab & Seminar Room Rental :

  • Computer Based Training
  • System Application User Testing & Training
  • System Application Go – Live & Roll Out Project
  • Data Update & Migration
  • Seminar & Soft Skills Training

Event & Business Venue :

  • Business Opportunity Preview
  • Product Launching & Media Conference
  • Business Talks
  • Private Functions

Computer & Paper Based Examination Centre Facilities Services :

  • Professional Certifications
  • Licensing
  • Academic & Technical Exam
  • Exam Administration
What We Offer

Outsource Your Training Centre

  • We have a comfortable and convenient training facilities. Good location, Nice Place, Nice People and Peaceful Learning Environment.
  • Smart Move to Cut off Training Overhead. Let us carry out that burden.
  • Sign Up for a Preferred Training Partner Package to enjoy great ‘Savings & Training Support’ From Us.

Application & System Go Live & Roll Out Project

  • Conduct your System Go Live & Roll Out Project in Big Group and Shortened the period of going live.
  • Why us , 88 Pax at one time training
  • High-speed & Quality Network System
  • Support Web Based, Cloud Based Etc
  • Suitable for SAP,Microsoft, Oracle, Hadoop, etc
  • Our Technical Support Crew with fast response

Seminar, Event Place & Business Venue

  • Any kind of events and functions, You deliver the best out of you. We supplement you with the best of our facilities. Trusted Quality, Reliable Price & Friendly Crew Members.

Examination Service

  • The Best Examination services with or without our exam administrator.
  • Our Secured and high-speed network system enable you to run your examination without hassle.
  • Our Computer and network systems supports any kind of exam either it is on-line, cloud-based or even stand alone.

We annually reinvest thousands of Ringgits into improving the training experience and helping our customers to process their training better and more efficiently.

Arena Rozzaq has been a provider of a signature training  services in supporting business players from the local training industry. Working with the industry movers gave us vases experience, supplementing them with the best services keeps us growing bigger and better since 2008.

"Malaysian Trusted Training Centre"
SINCE 2008