Our performances are monitored thoroughly via our quality audit department to ensure our services will brings up our client’s satisfaction in achieving their training objectives. From the beginning of our business, we have gone through from the good old days to the harshest survival due to Covid 19 pandemic. Regardless of the odds, we promise to ourselves to stand still to our ground and working our ways to improve our business in rendering our best quality services for them to rely on when comes to the needs in supporting their training facilities requirement.

What we can say and always be reminding you that.. We’ve Got Your Back!!!

High-End Computer Lab & Seminar Room Rental

  • Computer-Based Training
  • System Application User Testing & Training
  • System Application Go – Live & Roll Out Project
  • Data Update & Migration
  • Seminar & Soft Skills Training

Event & Business Venue :

  • Business Opportunity Preview
  • Product Launching & Media Conference
  • Business Talks
  • Private Functions

Computer & Paper Based Examination Centre Facilities Services :

  • Professional Certifications
  • Licensing
  • Academic & Technical Exam
  • Exam Administration
What We Offer

Co-Training Facilities Premium Package

  • Sign Up for the Premium Co-Training Facilities Package for you to earn more savings in rolling out your annual training programs with Arena Rozzaq Training Centre
  • Priority bookings will be given to our Premium Training Partners.
  • Well, we got to say that it’s one of a Smart Move to Spend Wise On Training Spendings while you can trust us on to lift off part of that burden.

Application & System Go Live & Roll Out Project

  • Conduct your Go Live & Roll Out System Project Traning in Big Group and Shortened the period of going live.
  • Why us, we have High Spec Computer lab with the capacity of about 70 Pax at one time training
  • High-speed Internet (WAN & LAN) Available
  • Support Web Based, Cloud Based Etc, Training Program
  • Suitable for Distributor. Channel, Branches End User Training
  • Our Technical Support Crew available 24/7

Seminar, Event Place & Business Venue

  • Any kind of events and functions, You deliver the best out of you. We supplement you with the best of our facilities. Trusted Quality, Reliable Price & Friendly Crew Members.
  • Ample of parking and the parking fee is free of charge.
  • Stress-free environment

Examination Service

  • The Best Examination services with or without our exam administrator.
  • Our Secured and high-speed network system enables you to run your examination without hassle.
  • Our Computer and network systems support any kind of exam either it is on-line, cloud-based, or even stand alone.
  • Complete facility for software training

Subsequently, we maintain and upgrade our training facilities and equipment in assisting our customers to process their training event better and efficiently.

Since 2008, Arena Rozzaq has been a trusted training facilities provider in supporting Small Medium Enterprises to MNC companies. Working with these industry movers really does help us in building our business foundations and allowing us to move from one to another milestone of achievements.

"Malaysian Trusted Training Centre"